Nutrition and Exercise Plan

Nutrition Plan

If you are wondering what you should be eating while on the SBT detox, we have compiled a nutrition plan for you to work off of while you cleanse your body. Here you will find foods to eat, foods to avoid and some delicious meal ideas the SBT team loves! 

When shopping, choose fresh ingredients, which tend to be on the perimeter of the store. Fill your basket with fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, some dairy and whole grains. Choose organic food whenever possible. Try to avoid the processed foods in the middle of the store. Stay away from frozen prepared foods, canned foods, chips, crackers and candy.

When choosing what to eat for breakfast, keep these things in mind; will this food keep me full? Is this food easy enough for me to prepare before work, school etc.? Is this food going to nourish me, keeping my body and mind alert and focused for my day? Foods with a lot of sugar give you a burst of energy then have you feeling lethargic, foggy and most likely reaching for that office doughnut box. Try to avoid sugary cereal, pastries, and frozen prepared breakfasts. Choose foods that will keep you feeling alert, with protein to keep you full until lunch.

Here are some delicious detox approved breakfast ideas:

* Good old scrambled eggs. We like to add fresh pico de gallo on top for a little spicy twist, which also helps to get in some fruits and veggies in the morning. Avocado is another wonderful addition to eggs as it gives you sustained energy.

* Make yourself a parfait with some fresh berries, unsweetened organic plain Greek yogurt and some organic raw honey. We like making our parfaits using blueberries, blackberries and raspberries!

* We love smoothies! They are an excellent way to pack a vegetable punch in the morning, starting your day off right! We like smoothies with greens, such as spinach or kale, avocado, celery, cucumber, and some fruit to taste; such as a handful of blueberries or a banana.

* Unsweetened steel cut oats with a few chopped nuts and some fresh fruit mixed in can be a delicious healthy breakfast! You can also add unsweetened dried fruit; just be sure to check the sugar content, some dried fruit can be surprisingly full of added sugar.

When choosing what to eat for lunch think similarly to breakfast for something that will sustain you for the rest of the day and won't have you reaching for the cookie jar. Lunch should be something protein packed and easy, especially if you are on the go. Being prepared is half the battle; fast food is always conveniently available when you are on the go but it should be avoided at all costs!

Here are some delightful lunch ideas:

* Turkey and spinach roll ups. Easy as the name, just take a piece of preferably organic, deli style turkey and lay it flat. Add some spinach on top along with any other veggies you like, we like cucumber! And roll the turkey up with the spinach inside, fastening together with a toothpick. You can also cut them into bite sized rolls if you prefer. Serve them with carrot sticks, celery, cherry tomatoes, or fresh fruit.

* Hummus and vegetables. Hummus is protein packed and saves for days in the refrigerator. You can make a big batch over the weekend and eat it throughout the week! Bring some for lunch and pair it with any veggies you like; carrots, bell peppers and raw broccoli are some of our favorites!

* One of the favorite lunches around here is avocado egg salad. Chop hard boiled eggs and add finely diced carrots and celery and mix with avocado. Add salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste. With the creaminess of the avocado, you will not miss the mayonnaise!

* Make a big salad! We like a bed of romaine and arugula with cucumbers, tomatoes, cubes of raw cheddar cheese, red onions, mushrooms, and avocados! Can you tell we have a bit of an avocado obsession over here? Your imagination is the only limit to what you can put in a salad. For dressing, we like a light misting of red wine vinegar mixed with organic extra virgin olive oil.

When that three o'clock feeling hits and all you want is a snack, be prepared with a healthy one! Snacking is healthy as it keeps your metabolism going. Bring snacks to school or the office etc. and be ready when the hunger hits! Try to avoid chips, candy, or leftover cold pizza and check out our snack ideas!

Here are some snack ideas to inspire the healthy snacker in you:

* Nuts! Having a handful of raw almonds, walnuts or cashews can give you an extra protein boost and keep you feeling satiated. Nuts are also very portable, the perfect snack for when you are on the go! Just be careful not to over do it as nuts are very high in calories.

* Have a fruit salad! Cut up some grapes, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, or any fruit you like for a colorful treat.

* Raw veggies are the perfect snack to keep you full and on track. We like bell pepper, carrots and cucumbers!

* A few cubes of organic raw cheddar cheese. If you can't get raw, opt for organic, made from animals that are grass fed. As with the nuts, don't over do it with too much cheese as too much as too much cheese can lead to feeling bloated.

You have been working all day and you just want to come home, crash, and have dinner. Don't call the pizza delivery guy yet. A dinner should be the smallest meal of the day and consist of mostly protein and vegetables. Try your very best to avoid breads and pastas, especially of the white flour variety.

Here are some delicious dinners:

* Salmon and asparagus or zucchini. We like grilled salmon using a little organic extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

* Try baking a chicken breast and serving it with some steamed broccoli and cauliflower. To season the chicken breast we like garlic powder, onion powder, or chili powder.

* We love soup! Make vegetable soup from scratch and add your favorite vegetables, you can even add some beans for protein. We like to make soup with homemade chicken stock, carrots, celery, green peas, yellow onion, mushrooms and white beans.

You are getting the nutrition plan down but you are probably thinking we forgot something.....what should you be drinking? The simple answer is water. Water, water, WATER! We cannot stress the importance of water enough! Water is the most basic necessity for all life and we hear, time and time again, people are not drinking enough water. You should be drinking at least, at the very least, 8 glasses of water per day. Along with Skinny Bee Tea, you should be drinking water. You should be avoiding, always, but especially on the detox, soda, diet soda, sugary fruit drinks, sports drinks, and alcohol. It is amazing what simply cutting out these drinks can do for your health. You simply do not need the excess chemicals, sugars, caffeine and calories.

Here are some hydration ideas:

* Plain water. Simple, plain water. Drink it and love it!

* Lemon water, just add lemon, especially in the morning as lemon water gets the metabolism going and stimulates internal organs.

* Cucumber and mint water. This is delicious and helps to freshen your breath.

* If it's something hot that you are after, instead of drinking coffee, try our SBT Relax Tea. It is blended to help relax you and we think it's delicious!

When detoxing and beyond, always remember, eating right is a lifestyle. Don't tell yourself you are on a "diet". We hate diets, we always cheat on them! Choose food that is going to benefit your body. It's okay to fall off track; we do it too, but don't let one bad meal derail your whole day or week! Be prepared with food so you have a healthy option and you are not forced to get highly processes convenience food. Make small changes that turn into big ones! Remember that your overall health depends on you and your body needs fuel to run as efficiently as possible.

Exercise Plan       

We recommend at least 30 minutes of daily exercise in conjunction with the Skinny Bee Tea detox program. Only you know your body and what it is capable of so please, if you do not already exercise regularly, take it slow. The best advice we can give is to find something you like to do, for example, swimming, running, tennis, yoga or hiking so your daily exercise will be part a part of your day that you look forward too! If you are in need of some encouragement, check out our exercise inspiration below! 

Outdoor Exercises:

Go for a brisk neighborhood walk

Ride a bike

Go for a hike

Jog through your local park

Get a group together and play a came of soccer

Shoot hoops at the local basketball court 

Exercises at the Gym:

Try a yoga class

Lift weights


Swim laps

Learn to play racquetball

Exercises to do at home:

Try an exercise DVD

Channel you inner 3rd grader and jump rope

Get moving with your own workout list; jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, jogging in place...any exercise you can think of!

You do not have to try everything all at once. Try a few exercises from our inspiration list! If the weather is nice in your area, try to get outside in the sunshine. Soak up some vitamin D and enjoy being outdoors! You absolutely do not have to get an expensive gym membership to exercise. Many of our exercise examples are free or very low cost. Find something that will get you excited and motivated!  

We like to hit the gym at least three times per week to lift weights and then do some cardio; the elliptical, stair machine, swim or cycle. On our off days we like to take evening walks, go for a hike or ride our bikes. We also like to take a yoga or zumba class once a week to shake up our routine and get social! 

Having a workout partner is a great way to have built in accountability while adding a social component to your workouts. Find a friend to work out with, even better check out our Best Friend Detox Pack and detox, exercise, and get healthy as a team! Be sure you choose a friend that will remain positive, motivational and will stick with you! You two will be beach ready in no time!