About Skinny Bee Tea

Skinny Bee Tea was founded in California in 2014 by a husband and wife, Matt and Kristin, passionate about becoming the healthiest they could be. The duo set out to create a detox tea brand that exceeded customers' expectations of the level of results they could get from a tea detox.  They set out to make a tea that delivered real results with weight loss, reducing bloating, curbing sugar cravings, increasing energy, clearing complexion and promoting overall health. They sampled and tested a seemingly endless combination of teas and herbs until they found a blended formula that tasted great, delivered tried and true results, and could be produced for customers all over the world.

Skinny Bee Tea has a mission of promoting healthy and happy living. It is our goal for customers to not only implement healthy lifestyles while on the detox but to continue to live a healthy lifestyle long after the detox is over. Our best selling product is the 28 day detox; it takes 21 days to form a habit and 7 days to cement it as routine. There you have it, when customers complete our 28 day detox, it is our hope they will have created healthy habits to last a lifetime!

As part of a healthy lifestyle, we avoid excess and unnecessary toxins, chemicals and additives. The purpose of a detox is to cleanse the body of these substances by use of natural teas and herbs working to support and aid the body's systems. We are passionate about making our entire product line 100% organic. All our teas are made with organic ingredients and are gluten free.

We created a nutrition and exercise page to inspire our customers to choose healthy, organic foods and get daily exercise. We encourage you to discover something new while on the detox; a yoga class, a new hiking trail or a new healthy recipe are all things you can try and may end up loving!

Our goal was not only to sell top quality detox tea; we wanted to become an authority on healthy living. Check out our blog for information about many health and lifestyle topics. Check back often, we are always posting new information about health, happiness, and living well!

  We love your feedback! Please let us know how you liked the detox and send us your before and after pictures for a chance to be featured on the website! You can also stay connected with us through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest! 

Hugs and Tea! 

Matt, Kristin, and the Skinny Bee Tea Team