Benefits of Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion Leaves are not just pesky weeds, plaguing your garden. They have been used for centuries in the making of teas and holistic medical products. Dried dandelion leaves are predominately found in teas and medicines but you can also enjoy fresh dandelion leaves, most commonly in salads.

Dandelion leaves provide many health benefits for the body's digestive organs and have been known to reduce swelling and calm bruising. Dandelion leaves can reduce nausea, relieve gas pains, and produce a laxative effect, making bowel movements easier. Commonly, people drink dandelion leaf tea in a blend for detoxing and to relieve constipation. They are also used to shed water weight. Some studies have even suggested dandelion leaves can aid in repairing existing liver damage.

Dandelion leaves can also be used when the body has swelling as properties in the leaves can aid in decreasing swelling and inflammation. Some natural lotions and salves list dandelion leaves as an active ingredient to reduce muscle pain and swelling. These salves and lotions can also diminish the appearance of body bruising.

Dandelion leaves are not void of side effects. They can cause diarrhea if taken in high doses. It is recommended to drink tea in a blend of other teas and herbs to create a milder effect. Dandelion leaves are an ingredient in Skinny Bee Tea's Detox Tea; a blend of teas and herbs to give gentle and effective results for weight loss, reduction of bloating and detoxification. It is not advised to consume dandelion leaves without consulting your doctor if you are taking any medications as they can interfere with some medications.

Next time you encounter this small yet mighty plant, think of all the benefits dandelion leaves bring. Have you used dandelion leaves in teas, salves, lotions or as an addition to a healthful salad? Have they delivered the desired natural results? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

Hugs and Tea!  

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